Creative Ageing and Spirituality - Ageing Well – Spiritually and Creatively
This initiative aims to empower persons in their 60’s,70‘s,80’s,90’s and beyond to find ways of fostering uniqueness, skills, spirituality, and gifts, to explore meaning and flourish in ageing while creating networks of community to support each other.   It is a project of the Uniting Church in Australia, SA Synod and is housed at Scots Church Adelaide.

Reframing the understanding of Ageing is a major movement in the western world involving governments, community groups and churches, including strong interest in South Australia

Parallel to this is a western world movement amongst progressive Christian churches to engage and participate in the well-being of local communities through community engagement, and at the same time regenerating local congregations. The 2016 Census revealed 92,000 persons (50 plus age group) claimed Uniting Church affiliation.

The Service Delivery of will include, academic studies and research, monitoring social trends in ageing, and creating projects and programs. Personal opportunities to be involved are outlined below

•  festivals,
•  cafe conversations,
•  conferences,
•  short seminars
•  classes, 
•  group sessions
•  individual creative pursuits
•  mentoring
•  volunteering – local and pro-bono
•  local neighborhood gatherings
•  website Resources

Creative Ageing tapping into the powerful social and cultural movement that is stirring the imaginations of communities and people worldwide, connecting with neighbours in local communities

The significant opportunity is for the local church to have a voice, and be at the table in this growing conversation that is happening across state, national and international boundaries.

The spirituality of Ageing is an emerging field of interest, as older citizens have unlocked gifts, wisdom and talents that can enrich themselves, others and communities. We are seeking and creating resources, engaging in conversations with academics and groups who are working in the space of personal meaning in the later decades of life.

Spirituality as a response to the search for meaning and purpose to experience flourishing in later years

  • Spirituality explained as a process or resource for later life: making sense, supporting the self, giving purpose and direction to life.
  • An inner journey that can contribute to a quality of life and coping with difficulty and loss
  • Such resilience and positive ageing potentially supported by care and welfare agents
  • Spirituality a means toward reaching human potential, in purpose, role, wisdom etc.

(Adapted from the “ International Conference on Ageing and Spirituality 2013”)


Creative Ageing and Spirituality
Scots Church Adelaide, UCA
237 North Terrace, Adelaide SA 500

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