What is spirituality?

spiritCan I afford a new car? This is economics.
What kind of car should I buy? Perhaps this will consider engineering, or the ease of parking.
Why, at age 70, would I want a brand new car? This is the spiritual question.

The spiritual question is everywhere. "What can be done?" we ask the doctor. This is the medical question.  The spiritual question is "As a doctor, would you have this treatment, if you had this kind of cancer? Is it worth it?"

"Can I retire?" is the questioning of our bank balance. "Why would I retire?" is the question of spirit.

At some point we start to wonder why we are doing things. Not that we did not ask these questions before, but at some point, we begin to wonder why and what for with a new intensity. This is the realm of the spiritual. The realm where beauty, love, emotion and purpose— all the somewhat intangible things  we can't measure with rulers or dollars—  are the key issues. Spirituality asks why, beginning to lose its fear of finding uncomfortable answers or, indeed, of finding few answers at all.

It may be that some of the answers have been clear to us for a long time; it's not that we are starting to consider these things, but that the questions are more urgent. Perhaps they seem the only questions worth asking; everything else is a side issue.

Spirituality is not necessarily religious, although often people do move in that direction. It is a deep consideration and concern for the things of life that give us meaning and purpose. Religion can, in fact, be profoundly unspiritual, and simply a tool for economic gain, or even a means of avoiding the deep existential questions life brings to us! Being older allows us to see through shallow religion, just as it allows us to see through the shallowness of consumerism. We gain a certain confidence in calling bullshit, a certain authority that comes from the experience of longer life. That experience, and the realisation it brings about how precious, and how short life sometimes is, gives us a certain urgency in our asking why and what for. We are more able to be honest with ourselves, and less satisfied with pat answers. We want genuine depth.

This site is about the why of life. It does not pretend there is one answer, or that it has the answer. But we are clear about the question. We feel deeply that to avoid the question, or not to realise it is there, is an impoverishment of what we may be and live. These are the best years of our lives, times of harvest.  Join us. Contribute.

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